Dave's Volunteer Work

Since 2000, David Keener has made it a policy to volunteer his time, effort and technical expertise to assist a variety of non-profit organizations and events.


RubyNation: Dave was a member of the 5-person Steering Committe which founded the conference in 2008. The conference focuses on the Ruby programming language. He helped create the conference's initial web site, crafted the event's first Sponsorship Prospectus and launched the video production activities for RubyNation. He also participates regularly in organizational activities, including planning, marketing strategies, competitive analysis, speaker selection, graphic design and running the conference. Over the years, the event has been held at the following venues:

— 2016: George Mason University, Arlington, VA
— 2015: Silver Spring Civic Center, MD
— 2014: Silver Spring Civic Center, MD
— 2013: Silver Spring Civic Center, MD
— 2012: Sheraton Hotel, Reston, VA
— 2011: Sheraton Hotel, Reston, VA
— 2010: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Reston, VA
— 2009: Sheraton Hotel, Reston, VA
— 2008: Center for Innovative Technology (CIT), VA

DevIgnition: Dave co-founded the DevIgnition conference as a one-day, technology-focused event that crosses traditional vertically-oriented boundaries. Featured technologies have included: Java, Ruby, Hadoop, "Big Data," JavaScript, Rails, Spring, JRuby, Clojure and others. Over the years, the event has been held at the following venues:

— 2016: AOL Conference Center, Dulles, VA
— 2014: AOL Conference Center, Dulles, VA
— 2013: AOL Conference Center, Dulles, VA
— 2012: SAIC, Tysons Corner, VA
— 2011: Booz Allen Hamilton, Tysons Corner, VA
— 2010: Oracle, Reston, VA

NationJS: Dave co-founded the NationJS conference as a two-day event focused on JavaScript. The event has evolved into a semi-annual, one-day event, with a Node-focused meeting in the spring and a more UI-focused meeting in the fall. Over the years, the event has been held at the following venues:

— 2016: (Fall) Capital One, McLean, VA
— 2016: (Spring) Capital One, McLean, VA
— 2015: Silver Spring Civic Center, MD
— 2014: Silver Spring Civic Center, MD
— 2013: Silver Spring Civic Center, MD

In 2012, David Keener was the Chairman of the Toastmasters District 29 Fall Conference, a 135 person event featuring speech competitions, a keynote speech, educational sessions, a district business meeting and other activities.

In 2015, he served as Technical Chair for the District 29 Spring Conference, responsible for A/V and other technical aspects of the event.


Hadley's Park: Hadley's Park Inc. was a local grassroots non-profit organization created in 1996 by Shelley Kramm, of Potomac, Maryland to design, develop, fund and build handicapped-accessible playgrounds. In 2000 and 2001, Dave donated the time and effort to design, build and maintain the web site for the organization. The organization built several successful playgrounds in the Maryland and Virginia areas, including the Hadley's Park Playground at the Dulles Town Center in Dulles, VA.

Statement Arts promotes arts education for disadvantaged youths. They provide a safe haven for participants to come together and engage in creative experiences, including teaching art, acting, photography, music, dance, film making, and writing. In 2010, Dave helped them create and manage an online photo contest to promote awareness of their cause and raise money for their organization.

Walk by Faith Rescue League: This rescue league, based in Purcelleville, VA, rescues dogs from bad situations and adopts them to good homes in the Northern Virginia area. Besides adopting (large) pets from them in 2008 and 2010, Dave also helped out by providing handling and training services for some of the league's biggest dogs.

Local Community

From 2005 to 2010, Dave volunteered his services to the Belle Terra community, serving as the Chairman of the Web Committee for his entire tenure. During this time, he implemented and maintained the community web site, functioned as the driving force and technical writer for a complete overhaul of the community's Architectural Standards, and was eventually elected to the community's Board of Directors. As a board member, he served as Vice President and, later, Acting President, where he promoted initiatives such as tree planting, a community trail system, various safety measures, and preparation for the bond release process with community developers.

In 2010, Dave began working with Toastmasters, an organization originally founded in the 1920's to assist individuals in perfecting their public speaking skills and to help them learn effective leadership skills. The Toastmasters program is self-paced and focuses on key activities such as prepared speeches, practicing adhoc speaking, giving/receiving public evaluations and special projects to enhance the capabilities of participants.


Capclave: Dave is a member of the Washington Science Fiction Society (WSFA), which annually hosts Capclave, a science fiction and fantasy literary convention. He has out helped out with the event since 2014.

Denvention 3: Dave volunteered his time and effort to assist in hosting the 66th World Science Fiction Convention in Denver, Colorado.

L.A. Con IV: Dave volunteered his time and effort to assist in hosting the 64th World Science Fiction Convention in Anaheim, CA. Besides working for the convention, Dave also found time to visit the bridge of the Starship Enterprise (NCC-1701).

Other Organizations

Speaking Engagements: Dave has spoken on technical subjects for numerous user groups, conferences and other types of organizations:
— AOL Ruby Users Group
— Capclave
— DevIgnition 2011
— D.C. Computer Consultants
— D.C. Ruby Users Group (DCRUG)
— GFIRST Cyber Security Conference
— Loudoun Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Group
— Loudoun County Writers Group
— Northern Virginia Java Users Group (NovaJUG)
— Northern Virginia Ruby Users Group (NovaRUG)
— RubyNation 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
— Scotland on Rails 2009
— Shenandoah Ruby Users Group
— SunnyConf 2010
— Toastmasters
— Union Taekwondo