A variety of tools have been made available to the developer community via Some tools, as well as key documents, have been released as open source. Other tools are available to try out online. All open source software and documents can be easily downloaded.

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Online Tools

Here are some online tools for users to explore. Some of the tools are essentially demonstrations of various technologies, while a few are more whimsical applications.

Microsoft Screen Cleaner: For When Your Screen Needs a Little Extra care!
Version 1.0
November 6, 2007
Microsoft Screen Cleaner: Have you noticed that your computer monitor, after a few years of use, is not as clear as it was when it was new? The Microsoft Screen Cleaner solves this problem using advanced, parallel-processing techniques.
Version 2.0
December 31, 2008
Videos: An online catalog of Dave's video collection, built as a demonstration of ActiveScaffold, a Rails plugin that makes it easy to generate highly functional user interfaces using Ruby on Rails.
Web 2.0 Hype Generator
Version 1.0
October 29, 2006
Web 2.0 Hype Generator: This vital utility assists users in defining and describing new Web 2.0 startup ideas, and was inspired by a Wired article.

Open Source Tools

Here are some open source tools that we're distributing via Like all open source tools, they are provided on an "as is" basis with no implied warranty, but with the hope that they may prove useful to other people. They are all available to be downloaded from the Downloads page. For licensing information, see the Rights page.

Mant - Migrations for Ant
Version 0.2
Not yet released
Mant: This utility is implemented in Java, built using Maven and provides Rails-like migrations for non-Rails applications. It can also operate as an Ant task. Each migration features SQL scripts rather than requiring database changes to be coded in an arbitrary, domain-specific language.
BreadCrumbs: A handy navigational aid for Rails applications
Version 1.0
Not yet released
BreadCrumbs: This Ruby gem makes it easy to add breadcrumbs, a handy navigational aid, to Rails applications. The development of this gem was described in a series of blog entries.
Antimatter: A Java utility library for open source usage.
Version 1.0-SNAPSHOT
July 5, 2009
Antimatter: This Java library contains generic utility methods that have proven useful across multiple projects. The encryption/decryption features are of particular interest. The Antimatter library is also used by the Mant tool. Additionally, the Antimatter download provides an excellent example of how to build a project site using Maven's "site" features.

Open Source Documents

Here are some open source documents that we're distributing via The links on this page are to the PDF versions of the documents. The source documents are all available to be downloaded from the Downloads page. For licensing information, see the Rights page.

Web Site Survey
Version 1.4
July, 5, 2009
Web Site Survey: This survey is designed to elicit details from prospective customers regarding web sites that they would like to build. Since it requires some serious work on the part of potential customers, it is: 1) useful in filtering out the non-serious, and 2) helpful in getting customers to focus on their requirements by probing areas that they may not have thought about. It is generally most useful for small to medium web site projects.