Steve Keener

My name is Steve Keener. I'm a software architect, Java guru, Rails developer and consultant located in Northern Virginia. Like a lot of people in this area, I have a great deal of of experience in the government contracting realm. I'm a technologist at heart. I like using a variety of technologies to solve real-world problems.

Steve Keener is available for speaking engagements at conferences and user groups. Feel free to contact me regarding speaking opportunities. Some of my presentations include:
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Technical Expertise

With over 17 years of experience in the IT industry, I'm a proven team leader, an information architect, a Java expert and a talented technologist who can make a significant impact on projects of any size.


I solve problems for a living. Some of those problems are solved by the creation of well-designed tools. When possible, I release these tools as open source. See the Tools page for some examples.


It's important to have hobbies. Mine is motor cycles. I've raced on real tracks at places like the Daytona Raceway and been televised on ESPN. I've also ridden dirt bikes on cross-country trails in places like West Virginia, Colorado and Hawaii.