Since the creation of the RubyNation Conference in 2008, many collateral items have been created to support the conference. A representative sample is available below:

2011 Podium Poster
This poster was was displayed on the podiums at RubyNation 2011. It provided clear branding for the conference, and was also featured in the online videos of the conference sessions. Created by Don Anderson, with input from David Keener.
2010 Conference Program
The 2010 Conference Program required a new level of planning in order to produce a top-notch program for the 3rd conference. The conference tracks were expanded to accommodate 29 speaking slots, more than ever before, which required the inclusion of more content. Additionally, RubyNation benefited from an influx of sponsors, all of whom required advertisements in the program (plus additional back-and-forth to finalize details).

Accordingly, the 2010 program expanded to 12 pages to accommodate the additional content and sponsor advertisements. Created by David Keener, Don Anderson and Gray Herter.
2010 Sponsorship Prospectus
A sponsorship prospectus is used to solicit support, both monetary and "in-kind," from sponsors. It provides a price list of regular sponsorship opportunities and details what a sponsor will receive for each level of sponsorship. This polished 2010 prospectus helped RubyNation secure more sponsors than ever before. Created by David Keener and Gray Herter.

RubyNation 2010 Graphic
This was a graphic that was created for the 2010 conference program as a potential half-page filler ad, but never used. Nevertheless, it's a striking graphic. Created by Don Anderson, with input from David Keener.