RubyNation Conference

Notes: RubyNation 2010 was held in April, and overlapped with Washington DC's Cherry Blossom Festival. Like the cherry blossoms, which were originally a gift to the United States from Japan, the Ruby programming was invented in Japan. Accordingly, David Keener worked with graphic artist Don Anderson to develop a new theme for the RubyNation 2010 Conference web site, a theme that incorporated cherry blossoms as a key element. In its third year, the 2010 conference sold out with 185 attendees.

RubyNation 2008 Conference

Notes: David Keener helped design and implement the original RubyNation Conference web site in 2008. This was ultimately a sold-out event with 135 attendees. The fact that the conference was profitable in its first year ensured that the conference would be a recurring event in the DC metropolitan region.