David Keener Speaking at the GFIRST 2012 Conference

David Keener speaking on "Social Networking: The Next Weapon Against Bad Actors" at GFIRST 2012, the 8th Annual Cyber Security Conference hosted by the Department of Homeland Security.

David Keener With Co-Presenters

David Keener with co-presenters David Roberts (General Dynamics) and Jonathan Quigg (Data Tactics).

David Keener With Co-Presenters, Redux

David Keener again with co-presenters David Roberts and Jonathan Quigg.

The Marriot Marquis, in Atlanta, GA

A world-class event hotel, with a 47-story "lobby," the largest in the entire world. An amazing hotel.

David Keener at the RSA "Biker" Party

Atlanta rock band Collective Soul, live at the Atlanta Hard Rock Cafe for the RSA "Biker Party." RSA makes those ubiquitous ID tokens with the progressive, auto-generated numbers. They're also known for hosting outrageous parties at government-attended events like GFIRST.

More Collective Soul, rockin' the house down on August 22nd. They're a real band, with seven #1 mainstream rock hits. And they were great in front of a live audience.

Collective Soul, live in Atlanta!

Cyblast Event Handout, promoting General Dynamics' subject matter experts.