Web Design
Section 508 and the NOVARUG
My friend and former boss, Jessie Link, will be giving a talk on "Section 508 Compliance" at the NovaRUG meeting on January 25, 2012. Even if you're not mandated to be compliant, it's an excellent talk on web design practices. Check it out! (Plus my friend Arild Shiraz will be talking on Domain-Specfic Languages — DSL's)
WordPress and Zombies External Link
This is a an excellent WordPress presentation from Brad Williams, the author of "Professional WordPress Design and Development." The presentation provides detailed examples for creating custom post types and custom taxonomies in WordPress 3+, but with a distinct and humorous zombie flavor.
BBC Redoes Web Site External Link
The BBC has decided to re-design their web site. This blog entry provides in-depth details about the whole design process, as the BBC rebuilds its entire online digital image. There are some nice insights here. Check it out.
A How-To Video About FaceBook Connect External Link
This How-To video is a great, language-agnostic introduction to leveraging FaceBook Connect for external web sites, i.e. - sites that don't function within the FaceBook "chrome." From Luke Shepard and Wei Zhu, two engineers on the FaceBook Connect team.
Installing Fonts on the Mac External Link
I recently had to add some fonts to my Mac so I could use them in Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word. It turns out that it's really easy. Click here to find out how.
Making Money Online External Link
This is a great round-up from Josh Catone on the Mashable site. It covers 15 great sites that people are using to make real money online.