Video Goes to 1.5 GB
I'm so glad raised their video size limit to 1.5 GB. Previously, it was 1 GB, and I had a devil of a time meeting that size limit with 45-minute RubyNation conference videos.
New RubyNation Videos on Blip External Link
Two new conference videos from RubyNation 2012 are available on — Aleksander Dabrowski and Mike Subelsky.
Three More Tapes Ingested for RubyNation
I managed to get 3 more tapes from RubyNation 2010 ingested this weekend. The next videos up will be Dave Bock, Russ Olsen and Jeff Kunkle.
Nick Sieger's Rails/Java Video
While I functioned as the producer and driving force behind RubyNation's video production effort, I had only limited editing experiencer with Final Cut Pro. Nick Sieger's video on "Rails: The Killer Java Web Stack," is the first conference video that I was 100% responsible for from beginning to end.

First Three RubyNation Videos
Don Anderson and I have gotten the first batch of RubyNation conference videos live online at This includes presentations from Jim Weirich, Nick Gauthier and Kyle Banker.
Two External Drives and Final Cut Express
I just spent $641.16 on equipment to accommodate the video editing needs of RubyNation 2010. Specifically, I ordered two 2TB Western Digital external drives with FireWire800 support to handle our video storage needs. The FireWire800 support also ensures that the drives can be used as scratch drives during video editing. Additionally, I ordered Final Cut Express for myself (my other editors both have Final Cut Pro, so we're covered).
Volunteers Needed for RubyNation 2010 External Link
The video production effort for RubyNation 2010 is really taking shape now, and it's clear that we're going to need more volunteers to help out. We're up to 7 cameras and two additional recording devices now. Contact me if you're interested in helping out on April 8 - 11, 2010.
RubyNation Interviews
I was in the studio yesterday with a team of 7 volunteers to videotape interview footage for my upcoming documentary, "The Road to RubyNation: The Making of a Conference." Interviewees included: 1) Gray Herter, the chief organizer of RubyNation, 2) myself as a RubyNation organizer, and 3) Johnny Nguyen, Vice President of the New Media Group at MetroStar Systems.
Arlington Independent Media
David Keener just signed up for video production courses with Arlington Independent Media (AIM). Their "Studio Production" class begins on October 10, 2009.
Steve Keener at Apraho National Forest
Steve was just on vacation in Colorado for some dedicated cross-country riding. On Day 7 of the "riding" vacation, he set up his Oregon Scientific helmet mounted camera, so here's a YouTube video showing what it was like to travel through Apraho National Park on a dirt bike.

Riding a Dirt Bike through Apraho National Forest in Colorado

Movies External Link
OK, it's no secret that I'm a huge movie buff. It's also no secret that, while I enjoy the typical, over-hyped, over-the-top Hollywood action thriller as much as the next person, I'm much more excited about movies that reach out and make an emotional connection. A number of people have recently asked me for a list of the movies and television shows in my DVD collection, so I decided to put it online.