Traffic Building
More Than 100K Views
Every once in a while, I toddle on over to SlideShare, where I post most of my presentations, and just check to see how many views my presentations have had.

This time, I was gratified to see that I've crossed one of those significant boundaries. My presentations have been viewed more than one hundred thousand times.

Come see what my all-time Top Ten presentations are...
RubyNation Main Room Videos
I've solved most of the workflow problems with the RubyNation 2011 video content from the main room, the footage that was shot with the awesome Sony EX1 camera that we borrowed from Near Infinity. In the video realm, "workflow is a fancy word for getting video from the camera into a format that you can use for editing with all elements intact. It's backed up by Dave's Video Corollary - "no matter where you get video from, it will never be in the format that you need."
Traffic Report 2008
One of the topics I've been blogging about on this site concerns my efforts to increase the traffic numbers for the web site. In this article, I discuss the traffic numbers for 2008, and I include a chart, generated with Google Charts, that illustrates the traffic numbers.
Traffic Report 2007
In this blog entry, I publish and then analyze real traffic statistics for I look at traffic trends to determine how well my strategies for promoting the site have worked, and then use the information to fine-tune my future strategies for raising the profile of the site.
Traffic Generation Progress Report, 2006 - 2007
In this article, we do some analysis of the web logs to figure out how well traffic has been building for More importantly, we''re going to use this information to develop strategies for improving traffic in the future.
Content As a Prerequisite for Traffic-Building
People visit web sites for the content, whether the content consists of articles, blogs, catalogs, etc. Content is what will bring them back again and again, if you can provide what they're looking for. So, let's analyze the content of the web site.
KeenerTech Submitted to Numerous Search Engines has now been submitted to a whole bunch of search engines using the promotional services provided by AccuWebHosting, the hosting company for the web site.
Why I Launched This Web Site
In this blog entry, I share some of the reasons that I created I also include some stats on how traffic has been building for the site.
Generating Traffic for Your Web Site
All online businesses face the struggle to get visitors to come to their web site. Here are some inexpensive but highly effective ways to generate traffic for your web site.