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More Than 100K Views
Every once in a while, I toddle on over to SlideShare, where I post most of my presentations, and just check to see how many views my presentations have had.

This time, I was gratified to see that I've crossed one of those significant boundaries. My presentations have been viewed more than one hundred thousand times.

Come see what my all-time Top Ten presentations are...
In the Slideshare Top 5% for 2014
I've got twenty of my presentations up on Slideshare. My most popular presentation of the year was Social Networking: The Next Weapon Against Bad Actors, which is about how social networking technologies can be leveraged to assist in cyber security. I first presented this at the government's GFIRST Cyber Security Conference.

My second most popular presentation was 21st Century Writer. This one discusses changes in the publishing industry brought on by the advent of electronic books.
All About the GFIRST 2012 Conference
I'm at GFIRST 2012, the 8th Annual Cyber Security Conference hosted by the Department of Homeland Security. I spoke on Wednesday, August 22nd, with co-presenters David Roberts (General Dynamics) and Jonathan Quigg (Data Tactics), on the subject of "Social Networking: The Next Weapon Against Bad Actors."

The slides for the presentation will be online later. Meanwhile, I'd like to tell what the conference was like, how it differed from my expectations, and provide some thoughts about future directions for the conference.
Speaking at GFIRST 2012
I will be speaking at the GFIRST (Government Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams) 2012 Conference, which is hosted by the Department of Homeland Security. The conference brings together speakers, vendors and more than 1500 attendees from the cyber security arena for a week-long event featuring industry-related presentations, product demonstrations and training.

Buidling Facebook Apps at At DevIgnition
My presentation from DevIgnition 2011, on SlideShare and PDF.

On Video: Leveraging Rails to Build Facebook Applications
My talk from SunnyConf 2010, an awesome single-day conference which was held in a re-purposed movie theater last September in Arizona, is now available online as a 32-minute video. The topic was "Leveraging Rails to Build Facebook Applications." Check it out!

Note that the video is 262 MB, so be prepared to wait for a few minutes while the video is downloaded (apparently it's not set up for streaming).
RubyNation Main Room Videos
I've solved most of the workflow problems with the RubyNation 2011 video content from the main room, the footage that was shot with the awesome Sony EX1 camera that we borrowed from Near Infinity. In the video realm, "workflow is a fancy word for getting video from the camera into a format that you can use for editing with all elements intact. It's backed up by Dave's Video Corollary - "no matter where you get video from, it will never be in the format that you need."
Iran Voices Now Available
The Iran Voices Facebook application was re-launched today. It was originally created in 2009 during the tumultuous Iran election. I updated the application this week because of the current unrest in the Middle East. The application allows Iranians, both current citizens and former citizens living abroad, to voice their opinions regarding the issues that will shape the future of Iran.

AirBanking Web Site Launches
I've been working on an innovative banking web site called AirBanking. The site just launched today, and features online tools, built-in social networking features, an online blog and some serious video production. Check it out!

Considerations for Contest Rating Systems
I've recorded some thoughts on what it takes to create a contest rating system that accurately reflects the voting of thoughtful users, and which discounts the effects of bad behavior on the voting process. Drawn from my real-life experiences in helping to craft a rating system for a contest platform.
Announcing Apps@State
I'm working on a project called Apps@State. Here's a video produced by Talbot Digital that describes the vision for the project. Also check out the new brochure site at Apps@State.

Tags, Categories and Taxonomies in WordPress
Wordpress 3.0.1 provides features such as tags, categories and taxonomies to classify content within a WordPress site. Find out how these features work!
Evolving Web Projects Into Online Products
There's a difference between a software project and a product. I've been helping clients create innovative projects on the web for a long time. Lately, I've been responsible for evolving, or planning to evolve, several projects into online products. It's harder than you might think. Discover some tactics for accomplishing this difficult transition.
Social Networking With Jive's Social Business Software
Jive's Social Business SoftwareJive's Social Business Software (SBS) platform provides an integrated suite of social networking tools that can be applied effectively within a business environment. Learn more about this highly functional software platform.
RubyNation 2010 Interviews
I was in the studio at Arlington Independent Media a few weeks ago taping some interviews for the upcoming documentary, "The Road to RubyNation: The Making of a Conference." Here's a teaser picture of me interviewing Gray Herter, Chief Organizer of the RubyNation Conference. The shot was taken from the studio control room, so Camera #1 (of 3) can be seen in the background on the left.

RubyNation 2010 Interview With Gray Herter
Secretary Hillary Clinton on My Online Video Contest
Secretary Hillary Clinton speaks about the impending launch of my new web project, the ExchangesConnect Online Video Contest:

The ExchangesConnect Video Contest launches on November 17, 2009. This is a project I've worked on with fellow Rubyists David McVicar and Kelly Gifford, so we're all pretty pleased.

Pre-Launch Animated Montage
Johnny Nguyen put together another animated photo montage (with the help of to illustrate my development team's run-up to the launch of our new contest site for the Department of State.

Online Video Contest Launches in Two Weeks
Since mid-August, I've been working as part of a team to create an online video contest for the Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. They operate an online social network called ExchangesConnect that promotes cross-cultural understanding across the world. This is the second year that my company, MetroStar Systems, has implemented and managed an online contest for this client.

Second Annual Exchanges Connect Video Contest
ExchangesConnect Introductory Video
Here's the introductory video about the 2nd Annual ExchangesConnect Video Contest. This is the contest site that I've been working on with Dave McVicar and Kelly Gifford. Our awesome marketing specialist, Jenny Hubacher, took the lead in producing this video.

Ruby Magic, Compliments of External Link
Here's a short video called "Ruby Magic" that Johnny Nguyen put together to highlight the Ruby development team (me, Dave McVicar and Kelly Gifford) for MetroStar System's New Media Group.

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