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David Keener at Balticon 2017 External Link
David Keener has been invited to participate in the Programming track at Balticon 2017. He may even be conducting one of his workshops there, although details are still up in the air.
Workshop: Bringing Settings to Life
David Keener ran a workshop, "Bringing Settings to Life," for the Loudoun County SF and Fantasy Writers group.
A/V for TLI at Verizon
David Keener was Technical Chair in charge of A/V and technical operations for the Toastmasters District 29 Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) on July 23, 2016. Held at the Verizon headquarters in Ashburn, VA.
A/V for TLI
David Keener was Technical Chair in charge of A/V and technical operations for the Toastmasters District 29 Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) on June 25, 2016. Held at the Fairfax County Government Center in Fairfax, VA.
Conducted Youth Leadership Program
David Keener and Chiharu Bullock completed running a four-week, four-session course on public speaking to a group of 11 - 15 year-old kids. The course was organized in conjunction with Toastmasters and Union Tae Kwan Do in South Riding, VA.
Winter Housecleaning
A few bad links and issues have crept into the web site, so I'm doing some winter maintenance. Should be mostly transparent to site readers.
Creating an Adaptive Setting
I'm giving a two-hour workshop, "Creating an Adaptive Setting," at Capclave 2015. From 10:00 AM to noon on October 10th.
New Quotes API
Just added a new API for random quotes. Gotta love Rails.
Workshop at Capclave
I'll be conducting a 2-hour worksop entitled "Public Speaking for Writers" at Capclave 2014. On October 12th from 2:00 PM to 4:0 PM.
My Slideshare Presentations
To date, my presentations on have generated more than 82K page views. Check out the link, or go to this site's Presentations page to find out more about my online content.
Titanic Presentation
This is totally non-technical, but the slides for my short talk on the Titanic are now online. A transcript of the talk content is also available.
Back In Business
Woohoo! I've got Photoshop up and running again! So I'm back in business when it comes to graphics again.
575 Gem Downloads
There's been 575 downloads of my new gem, domain_name_validator, in the last month. I'm pretty pleased with the reception.
RSA Conference 2014 External Link
I've put in a proposal to give an advanced talk on Apache SOLR, indexing strategies, and enforcement of complex security policies. The conference will be held February 24 - 28 in San Francisco, CA. My partner for this talk will be Jonathan Quigg from Data Tactics.
New Creative Blog
KeenerTech is my technical blog supporting my IT activities. For more "creative" endeavors, such as my non-technical public speaking activities and my professional fiction writing, I invite you to check out:
Improving Ads
This site is currently on target to make $100 in Google advertising by March 2015, which will be about 25 months after my last Google advertising payout. This seems like a challenge to me: I'm going to leverage my technical and social networking skills to see if I can cut this time in half or better. And I'm going to blog about my tactics, and the overall results.
GFIRST 2013 Canceled!
Citing sequestration and the need for financial tightening, the Department of Homeland Security just canceled GFIRST 2013, a major cyber security conference that I was scheduled to speak at. They may also have had some concerns about the scrutiny to which the IRS is currently being subjected.
Slideshare Stats
According to Slideshare, my uploaded presentations have been viewed more than 62 thousand times. This is awesome!
Crazy Public Speaking Stat
In the past 6 years, I have stood up and given a prepared speech in front of an audience 57 times, including conferences, user groups and other types of meetings.
Organizational Whiplash
I'm now planning three conferences at the same time, DevIgnition, RubyNation and the Toastmasters District 29 Fall Conference. Just shoot me now!
New Macbook Pro Arrives
Naturally, my new MacBook Pro arrives mere hours after I fly away for the GFIRST conference in Atlanta, GA.
New Macbook Pro
"The Mac is dead, long live the Mac!" I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new Macbook Pro. I ordered it today as a replacement for my old one, which suffered a terminal crash.
First GFIRST Dry Run
Just finished my first dry run of my GFIRST 2012 talk, "Social Networking: The Next Weapon Against Bad Actors," with co-presenters Dave Roberts and Jonathan Quigg. Basically solid, but needs the expected amount of polish to be conference-worthy.
GFIRST Cyber Security Talk
I just finished my presentation for the GFIRST 2012 Conference, which will be hosted by the Department of Homeland Security in Atlanta from August 19 - 24. I'm really looking forward to the conference.
Toastmasters Area Governor
I'm proud to have been selected as the Area 45 Governor For Toastmasters District 29. This area covers the Ashburn and Dulles areas of Northern Virginia.
New RubyNation Videos on Blip External Link
Two new conference videos from RubyNation 2012 are available on — Aleksander Dabrowski and Mike Subelsky.
GFIRST 2012 Conference
I'm proud to have been selected as a speaker for the 8th Annual GFIRST Conference, which will be held August 19 - 24 in Atlanta, GA. This is a major cyber security conference with over 1500 attendees.
Toastmasters 2012 District 29 Conference
I will be attending our local Toastmasters conference on May 4 - 5, 2012. Should be a great time!
Achieved Competent Communicator in Toastmasters
I've been participating in Toastmasters, an organization devoted to improving public speaking and leadership skills, for two years now. I just achieved the Competent Communicator level. Many thanks to all of the people who have helped me improve my skills dramatically over this time period.
Loudoun County Tops the List External Link
Loudoun County in Virginia tops the list of the richest counties in America. Yes, there is a down economy, but Virginia is certainly feeling it a lot less than many other places.
8th Annual GFIRST Conference
I'm submitting a proposal to speak at GFIRST 2012, the 8th annual Cyber Security Conference hosted by the Department of Homeland Security. Wish me luck!
Hosting Upgraded Automatically
Kudos to WebFaction, my hosting service, for automatically upgrading my hosting account to match their updated (and larger) limits on memory. I've been hosting with them since 2006 and I've never been disappointed!
Comments Now Reviewed
I was getting too many spam comments added to articles and news entries. Accordingly, all comments are now reviewed before they go live.
Atom Feed Is Fixed
My friend Jake Vanus pointed out to me that the Articles Atom feed for the site was broken during the Rails 3 upgrade. It is now fixed.
Presentations Moving to GitHub
All of my presentations and open source documents are being moved to GitHub, where they will be available in my ThoughtPool repository. This makes for easier maintenance as well as making the files more readily accessible to viewers. Ported to Rails 3
It's been a long time coming, but has now been fully ported to Rails 3. The chief hold-up for the conversion was a few pesky gems that needed to be swapped out for compatibility.
Speaking at DevIgnition 2011
I will be speaking at DevIgnition 2011 on December 2nd about integrating web sites with Facebook using technologies like Facebook widgets, JavaScript and Ruby on Rails.
Doing Rails Security Talk for the NovaRUG
I'll be speaking at the NovaRUG group on "Rails Security" on Thursday, September 22nd. Networking starts at 6:30 PM, with talks beginning at 7:00 PM. Be there! The other talks will be on reek (the static code analysis tool) and JRuby.
At CapitolJS This Past Weekend
I had a great time at CapitolJS this weekend. What a great experience for a one-day, single-track JavaScript conference. Recommended.
DevIgnition 2011 Planning In Progress
Planning for DevIgnition 2011 is in progress. Look for a probable December 9th landing date.
Up to 16K Page Views
It looks like has hit a new mark in monthly page views — more than 16 thousand page views for the month of June, 2011. Many, many thanks to all the visitors!
Deploying KeenerTech from Git
I just published my first update from the shiny, new Git repository. But I still have all of my old history from the original Subversion repository. How cool is that?
Exchanges Connect Case Study External Link
I was an architect on the Exchanges Connect Online Video Contest for the Department of State. The case Study for this project is now available on Amazon Web Services.
Wahoo! KeenerTech on Private Git
I just got the KeenerTech private git repository set up, which is important to me because, well, git is cool. Plus I really need easy branching in order to get KeenerTech converted from Rails 2.3.5 to Rails 3.0.7. The extensive site administration features have some fairly serious Rails upgrade issues.
Back from RailsConf 2011
I'm back from a very enjoyable and informative RailsConf 2011, which was held in Baltimore, MD this week. The Rails 3.1 news looks exciting, with SASS and significant new JavaScript options being added to the framework.
Business Model Consulting
I'm pleased to have been asked to consult on the business model for a new Internet startup.
Killer Business Models and DC Consultants
I'll be presenting my talk on "Creating Killer Business Models" on June 21, 2011 at the DC Computer Consultants Meetup. This is a "big picture" business talk that should be useful for anybody working for startups or contemplating starting their own company.
Killer Business Models at General Dynamics
I'll be reprising my RubyNation 2011 talk, "Creating Killer Business Models," at General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems on April 27, 2011.
Certified Scrum Master
I just completed an excellent Scrum Master course by Sanjiv Augustine, the author of "Agile Project Management." Then I completed the online test to get my Scrum Master certification. I highly recommend Sanjiv's LitheSpeed company for agile/scrum training.

The official Scrum Master logo

KeenerTech Upgrade in Progress
I've decided to make the leap. I'm in the process of upgrading the KeenerTech web site from Rails 2.3.5 to Rails 3.0.5. Lots of required changes, but mostly minor stuff except for the ActiveScaffold upgrade.
RubyNation 2011: A Great Success
RubyNation 2011 is now in the history books. I have to say that it was another highly successful and inspiring conference, with dozens of talks by some of the field's top Rubyists. We had 216 attendees this year, up from last year's 185. Plus, I'll treasure my pirate hat forever (speaker Chris Williams handed out pirate hats to go with his pirate-themed talk).
General Dynamics
I just started my new job at General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems yesterday, after a relaxing 2-week vacation. Looking forward to doing some cutting edge Rails work...
Designing a Card Game External Link
Several recent conferences have used custom card games to get attendees to interact with each other (though the rules were rather deficient). Here's a nice overview article on how to design a card game.
DevIgnition Bumper
I just got an awesome DevIgnition bumper, an animated introduction culminating in the DevIgnition logo, from Don Anderson. Now that I've got this, I can start getting the DevIgnition conference videos completed. Expect some nice online technical videos shortly.
Search Now Available
It's long overdue, but I just added a search capability to this blog site. I leveraged Google's AdSense-supported search capability, which was painless and easy, with only a few minor quirks (easily corrected via CSS).
I'm at DevIgnition 2010 in Reston, VA. There are great talks on Java, JavaScript, JRuby, Clojure and other topics. Plus, I'm responsible for videotaping all of the conference sessions.
WordPress and Zombies External Link
This is a an excellent WordPress presentation from Brad Williams, the author of "Professional WordPress Design and Development." The presentation provides detailed examples for creating custom post types and custom taxonomies in WordPress 3+, but with a distinct and humorous zombie flavor.
Dave McVicar Does Album Cover
My friend, Dave McVicar, did a photo shoot for singer Lexie Hayden. Two of his pictures became the front and back covers of her new album.
Lexie Hayden Album
Fixed IE Glitches, Finally
I hate Internet Explorer, especially older versions. Getting CSS to work properly with IE is painful. However, I'm happy to say that I just finished stomping out a few KeenerTech CSS glitches that affected ONLY IE, but worked in every other browser in existence.
Washington Business Journal on AirBanking External Link
The Washington Business Journal interviews Main Street Bank exec Jeff Dick about his AirBanking initiative. AirBanking mixes online banking, blogging and social media to attract young professionals. David Keener is the architect and social media expert assisting Main Street Bank with their strategies.
DevIgnition 2010 Is Sold Out!
It's official. The DevIgnition 2010 conference is sold out. It only took 12 days for the event to sell out. You can still sign up for the waiting list, though. You might still get a ticket if other attendees cancel out.
RailsConf 2011 in Baltimore Again
If you haven't heard the news, RailsConf 2011 will be held in Baltimore, MD from May 16-19, 2011. This will be its second year in Baltimore.
DevIgnition Tickets Are Going Fast
DevIgnition tickets are going quickly. Tickets have only been available for 4 days, and we're about one-third sold out already. So get you ticket soon because they'll probably all be gone within a week.
NOVARUG 50th Meeting
The Northern Virginia Ruby Users Group (NOVARUG) is hosting its 50th meeting tonight. David Keener will be one of the speakers at the event, and his topic will be "Web Services Specification."
Announcing DevIgnition
I'm one of the organizers of the new DevIgnition Conference, which will be held December 3, 2010 at the Oracle building in Reston, VA. Tickets will be released to prospective attendees on Monday, October 18th.
Attended NIC-U Mini-Conference
The NIC-U mini-conference, hosted by Near Infinity and organized by my friend, Gray Herter, was a great success today. They had talks on HTML 5, Rails 3.0, the Sproutcore JavaScript library and Android development, plus lightning talks. A truly fun event, augmented by some awesome food (Uncle Julio's Mexican Restaurant catered the dinner).
GSA Competitions and Prizes Industry Day
I attended the GSA's Competitions and Prizes Industry Day yesterday, an event designed to facilitate President Obama's mandate for using contests and prizes to spur innovation, transparency and collaboration within government. Contests represent an exciting application space, and I was pleased to be able to talk to folks about our Votridea Contest Platform.
IE7 Glitches
Just had an opportunity to test some recent site layout changes using Internet Explorer 7. Found a couple of CSS glitches impacting my (few) PC-based readers. So, I'll be fixing that over the weekend. If Microsoft can't do a decent web browser then they should remove it from the market.
KeenerTech on Facebook now has a Facebook presence. Follow us on Facebook now.

KeenerTech, now on Facebook!
Speaking at SunnyConf
I just received word today that I was accepted as a speaker for SunnyConf, Arizona's first Ruby conference, which will be held September 25, 2010. I'll be giving a talk on "Leveraging Rails to Build Facebook Applications." This is version 2.0 of the talk, incorporating major changes that were announced by Facebook at their F8 conference in April.

David Keener, Speaking at SunnyConf in Arizona
Earthquake Hits DC Area
I felt my first earthquake this morning — like a freight train rumbling past my house just outside. It was a minor quake, just 3.6 on the Richter scale. Hits a New High
Site traffic for this blog hit a new high in June with more than 11,000 page views. I'm very pleased with the steady growth in traffic.
KeenerTech Changes
Inspired by RailsConf 2010, I've updated the site to support comments on all of the articles. I've also added a modest little Gallery page and a bunch of tweaks and minor re-factors. Launches!
My team's been working for months now on the Votridea Online Video Contest Platform, and it just soft-launched today. The platform can do video and photo contests, is cloud-based, fully-scalable and robust since it's based on the real-world experiences we got running international contests for the Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.
New Toy: Final Cut EXpress
My new toy just arrived, compliments of Final Cut Express. So, I'm now armed and dangerous when it comes to video editing. OK, ok, so it's not Final Cut Pro, but it's got a solid subset of features for video editing (and it was MUCH cheaper), and I'm working with two other editors who have Final Cut Pro (so they can do the extra heavy lifting if needed). Onwards to the editing of RubyNation conference content!
KeenerTech Crosses Milestone just recently crossed an important milestone. I implemented Google's AdSense program in December 2009. The site is getting enough traffic now, and has Google ads sufficiently integrated into the site, that is now self-sustaining. That is, the site earns at least enough through advertising to pay for its hosting costs. As a by-product, it also covers the hosting costs of the other sites that I host for various people. Upgraded! has been upgraded from Rails 2.2.2 to Rails 2.3.5. Even better, the site is now hosted using Phusion Passenger and Nginx, for faster performance than ever before. As a bonus, we've even upgraded to the latest version of the ActiveScaffold plugin.
Yes, My Yahoo Account Got Hacked
My Yahoo account got hacked. Joy. I've used Yahoo for about 10 years now to manage my various email accounts, and was not pleased at this development. Yes, I'm also aware that all my contacts got spammed.
Article View Counts
I just added view counts for all of the articles on the web site, and this count is now displayed for all articles that have over a 100 page views (which is most of them generally, except the newest ones). The hardest part was collating the data (which goes back to 2005 and comes from several different sources) and getting it ported into the database. So this is how I occupy myself during the Blizzard of '09.
AWStats Now Working
Finally got AWStats working for this blog site. I've already got SiteMeter (the free version), which provides one view of the site's traffic, but it will be interesting to contrast this with the more detailed view provided by AWStats.
Atom Feed Now Available
I've just added an Atom feed to the web site. The feed makes articles easily accessible to users with any feed reader. It also makes it easier to leverage the content on other sites, e.g. - article entries are now visible on LinkedIn.
New Specktrum Release External Link
A new release of went live today. As part of the release, the web site has been moved from Windows hosting to Linux (CentOS) hosting using the Apache web server. Specktrum is an accounting firm.
Skillset In a Day
David Keener has been invited by Code Sherpas to create a course for their "Skillset In a Day" educational program. The Skillset in a Day series consists of one-day courses that delve deeply into a single technical subject. They are designed to give technical professionals a jump-start in the target subject in a minimum amount of time.
All Articles Now Online Again
All articles are now online again. Some of the older articles, from 2006 and early 2007, required extra work to get them moved into the new content management system. So, now you know how Dave Keener spent a good part of his July 4th holiday weekend.
Missing Content Online Soon
There are still a few issues being worked out since the launch of the new on Sunday, June 21. The largest is that some of the oldest articles on the site, including a couple of Dave's most popular articles, are not online yet. That will be fixed by the end of this upcoming weekend. Those articles actually pre-date any use of a content management system for the site and are thus in HTML form. They'll be online as soon as they can be entered into the site's CMS and be suitably edited and verified.
Hosting With WebFaction
Based on recommendations from several of my fellow web professionals, including Naveen Vemula and Allan Bunch, I've chosen for my Rails web hosting needs. I have 4 web sites that will be moved to Rails over the next few months, including
Recent Partial Web Site Outage
My apologies to everyone for the recent problems with the web site. My hosting company,, made a sweeping security policy change on the Windows host where my site resides which broke major portions of my web site. Basically, they broke the site's capability to show the full text of articles and also broke most of the administrative features of the site ... right before I went on vacation to Scotland for 10 days. Needless to say, I exchanged some progressively more aggressive emails with them until the problem was resolved today. Goes Live External Link
I just completed a new web site,, for a small accounting firm owned and operated by Mark Speck. The site officially went live today.
Speaking at the ICCA June Meeting
I just got confirmation that I''ll be speaking on Rails at the June 2009 meeting of the ICCA, the Independent Computer Consultants Association. The meeting will be June 9th ay 6:30 PM at the Olive Garden in Tysons Corner. Socializing begins at 6:30, dinner at 7:00 and the presentation at 8:00. The meeting is open to the public.

Location: Olive Garden Restaurant, 8133 Leesburg Pike, Vienna VA 22182
KeenerTech Version 3
A new version of the web site, designated as Version 3, is in the works. Version 1 was a Java/JSP intranet (on my home network); Version 2 is the current ASP.NET site. Version 3 is a full Rails 2.2.2 site, with admin functionality implemented using the ActiveScaffold plugin, a wider page content area and numerous other features. This should explain why there's been fewer blog entries on the site lately (plus the workload at Grab Networks, of course).
WorldCon 66
Dave Keener attended the 66th World Science Fiction Convention in Denver, Colorado, from August 7 to 11. As per usual, there were lots of great events, good food and many, many SF books. The convention center was also nice, with an interesting statue, as shown below:
Denver, CO -The Colorado Convention Center in Denver, complete with its blue bear statue.

Portland Trip
I just got back from a business trip to Portland, Oregon, where I got to spend four virtually uninterrupted days designing RESTful web services with some excellent developers. Staying in downtown Portland was a treat; the city was gorgeous, the weather was delightfully mild and walking through the city was a lot of fun. I also got to try out a bunch of really nice restaurants at company expense. I even managed to catch a glimpse of the majestic Mount Hood from my hotel room.

Portland, OR - With Mount Hood in the background.

Scotland Trip 2008
David and Sally Keener toured Scotland, Sally's homeland, from May 14th to May 27th. Highlights included a highland journey to scenic Loch Lomond, a guided tour of the Cruacha Power Station (a water-based electrical generating plant tunneled into a granite mountain), shopping in Glasgow and many pubs. The top restaurant for this trip was the River House, situated next to a small loch and literally within view of Stirling Castle.

River House Restaurant in Stirling, Scotland

Shenandoah Speaking Engagement
I have been asked by the Shenandoah Ruby Users Group to give my OpenID/Rails presentation to their membership. I'm scheduled for June 24, 2008 at their regular meeting locale, which is the headquarters of Rosetta Stone in Harrisonburg, VA.
Traffic Diary
My brand-new Traffic Diary blog provides a detailed look at the types of low-cost tactics that can be used to promote web sites. Using as an example, this blog provides statistics and analysis regarding the effectiveness of various guerilla promotional techniques. Note: (12/28/09) — This has become a series of interlinked articles.
Scotland Trip
The Keeners went to Scotland for vacation from May 10 to May 21. Highlights included visits with Sally's relatives, various pubs, shopping, Dave pulling a muscle, various pubs and limping around places like Glasgow.
Elected as Director for the Belle Terra Community
On April 26th, Dave Keener was elected to the Board of Directors for the Belle Terra community.
NOVA Ruby Users Group
Chad Fowler, author of the book "Rails Recipes," covered a grab bag of Rails tips and tricks during his presentation at the users group meeting in Reston. It was a well-attended meeting.
Skiing in Utah
Due to the extreme lack of snow on the East Coast, the regularly scheduled Killington ski trip to Vermont morphed into a last minute excursion to Salt Lake City, Utah, from December 30 to January 1, 2007. See Dave at the Alta ski resort, accompanied by friends Ian Watson and Lucia Capuano from Scotland.
Vacation in Scotland
David and Sally Keener visited Scotland for vacation from November 18 - 28, where they got to enjoy seven days of rain (out of ten days). Hey, this is what happens when you visit Scotland during the rainy season.
Belle Terra Phase 2 External Link
Phase 2 of the Belle Terra web site launched today. This release seamlessly augments the site by integrating a full-featured content management system into it. New features include user authentication, permission-based access to features, banner advertising and rotating reminders.
Parade of Homes
Dave and Sally Keener attended the Northern Virginia Parade of Homes, which was sponsored by B.F. Saul Mortgage. The promotional event allows custom home builders to showcase some of the best homes in the area.
DC Ruby on Rails User Group
Dave volunteers to design the web site, including the look-and-feel, for the newly formed Washington DC Ruby on Rails User Group. Ruby on Rails is one of the hot, new technologies for producing highly functional web sites in minimal timeframes.
Architectural Guidelines, Final
The ARC Recommendations Committee of the Belle Terra community delivered the final version of the new Belle Terra Architectural Guidelines to the Board of Directors for consideration. Dave worked as the technical writer who helped the committee draft the new guidelines.
New KeenerTech Look
David Keener unveils a sleek, new look for the KeenerTech web site, replacing the original look-and-feel that the site launched with in 2004.
Architectural Guidelines
On behalf of the ARC Recommendations Committee, Dave delivers revision 0.8 of the Belle Terra Architectural Guidelines, the first version to be submitted for external review. Dave volunteered in April as a technical writer to help the Belle Terra community draft new guidelines.
WorldCon 64 External Link
David Keener attended the 64th World Science Fiction Convention in Anaheim, CA, from August 23 to August 27. One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. Dave also supported the convention by working as a volunteer.
Scotland Vacation
The Keeners go to Scotland for vacation from April 16 to April 25. Highlights included visits with Sally's relatives, shopping, various pubs and indoor skiing at the new XScape center adjacent to the Braehead Mall.
Lake Anna Holiday External Link
The Keeners are invited to visit overnight at the Lake Anna cabin of Andrea and Roger Monaghan. The cabin is advertised on the web as Lake Cabin Retreat, and is a splendid rental.
Lakes Community Meeting
The second meeting of the Lakes of Belle Terra neighborhood was held at the house of David and Sally Keener. More than 30 people attended. Discussions included prioritization of neighborhood problems, selection of a neighborhood ARC organization and other issues. The goal of the meeting was to ensure that the homeowners association addresses the issues currently impacting the neighborhood.
Belle Terra Web Site Launches External Link
The initial version of the Belle Terra web site launches. The site includes key HOA documents, as well as extensive information about the Belle Terra community.
Belle Terra Web Site Demonstrated to Board
An early version of the Belle Terra community web site was demonstrated to the Board of Directors. Attendees included Michael Lowman, Tim Holmes, John Johnson, Al Wilhelm and Caryn Moran, plus hosts David and Sally Keener. The demonstration was well received; only minor text changes were requested by the board. Web Site Launches External Link
The web site for the MudDawg professional motorcycle racing team went live today. The web site embodies a stark, minimalistic design that conveys speed to viewers.
WorldCon 63 External Link
David Keener attended Interaction, the 63rd World Science Fiction Convention in Glasgow, Scotland, from August 4 to August 8. The convention coincidentally took place during David and Sally Keener's regular vacation to Scotland.
Interviewing Tips for Recruiters
Interviewing candidates is a difficult task. This article provides practical tips for interviewing candidates.
Rating Career Sites Using the Candidate Ratio
In advertising to employers, career sites often promote their "candidate ratio," a statistic that describes how many job seekers they have in comparison to the number of job opportunities listed. How useful is this statistic?