Working On a New SOLR Talk
I'm working with Jonathan Quigg on a new talk, "Security Strategies With a SOLR and Rails." We last spoke together at the GFIRST Cyber Security Conference in Atlanta, GA. This topic seems like a good follow-up to my "Rails and the Apache SOLR Search Engine' talk from RubyNation 2012.
Great Article About Pry Add-Ons External Link
John Mair has an excellent article on pry, the IRB alternative, and the various gems that are available to augment its functionality. Interesting stuff.
Speaking on Rails Security at DCRUG
I will be speaking at the DCRUG on September 8, 2011 on the subject of "Rails Security." The event begins at 7:00 PM.
Boom Goes the Dynamite!
I was educated today by a junior developer: "Boom! goes the dynamite." can be used in place of "I made my Rails controller smaller." So now you know, too.
Interview for the EngineYard Podcast External Link
EngineYard will be interviewing me next week for their Cloud Out Loud podcast. They're specifically interested in my experiences with Ruby on Rails in the government arena. In the DC area, the presence of Rails within government agencies has been growing dramatically.
Rails 3.1 Has Been Released
In case you haven't heard the news, Rails 3.1 was released today. Lots of incremental improvements, including built-in SASS support, JQuery as the default JavaScript library, the "asset pipeline," etc.
Reading "Eloquent Ruby"
I'm currently reading Russ Olsen's new technical book, "Eloquent Ruby." It's an excellent book. I particularly like its focus on what it takes to be a truly good Ruby developer, rather than just teaching Ruby syntax. It's a great "next book" for the developer that has learned Ruby, and now wants to learn how to use it properly and effectively.
Getting Started With EngineYard External Link
This is a great tutorial video on how to get your first application (and virtual server) set up and configured properly with EngineYard hosting. It includes details on how to configure a deploy key with GitHub.
Jeremy McAnally Interview External Link
In this interview, Gray Herter talks with Ruby expert Jeremy McAnally about his Rails 3.0 talk at RubyNation 2010:
The Ruby Insurgency External Link
The Joe O'Brien and Jim Weirich talk is now available, featuring imaginative skits to show Rubyists the mindset of customers. And, of course, our own Dave Bock makes a special guest appearance in the video. Check it out!
MetroStar Systems on SunnyConf External Link
Here's a very nice write-up from MetroStar Systems regarding my latest speaking engagement at SunnyConf in Phoenix, AZ.
Rubyology Interview External Link
David Keener was just interviewed by Chris Matthieu and Jason Goecke for the Rubyology podcast. The interview was about Facebook, Ruby on Rails and Dave's upcoming talk at SunnyConf later this month. Check out the podcast!
NovaRUG Rails/Facebook Talk
I'll be giving my "Leveraging Rails to Build Facebook Apps, Version 2.0" talk at the NovaRUG meeting on September 15th. This version of the talk incorporates the recent changes that Facebook has made to its developer ecosystem. It will also be videotaped by the incomparable Don Anderson, although the talk won't be available online until after I've given the talk at SunnyConf in Phoenix, AZ.
David Keener at RailsConf
Yes, I will be attending RailsConf, the world's largest Ruby/Rails conference, in Baltimore from June 8 - 10. This is the first time I've had a chance to attend a RailsConf, so I'm really looking forward to it.
MetroStar Launches Votridea Contest Platform External Link
My company, MetroStar Systems, just a launched a new product called Votridea. It's a contest platform, generalized from our ExchangesConnect online video contest, that can foster brand awareness, build social communities and promote innovation.
Upcoming Ruby Conferences for 2010 External Link
Here's the most comprehensive list of upcoming Ruby conferences that I've seen. It's also nice to see that RubyNation is among the conferences listed.
My Talk at RubyNation 2010
I will be speaking at RubyNation 2010. My topic is "Leveraging Rails to Build FaceBook Applications." This is a distillation of some of the practical tactics that my development team at MetroStar Systems has used to create highly successful FaceBook applications using Rails, including real-life systems like PollCast and Iran Voices. FaceBook is the world's largest social network, with over 600 million members.
David Keener Speaking at "Rails 101 Night"
David Keener will be speaking, along with Gray Herter and Arild Shirazi, at the Rails 101 Night being hosted by the NovaRUG. The night is aimed at Ruby newbies, and will be focused loosely on "rails persistence," i.e. - how data gets stored in the database. Dave's topic will be "Rails Tips and Tricks" — basically, a compendium of tips that Dave wished he'd had in-hand when he started programming in Rails.
Videos from Scotland on Rails External Link
The videos of the major presentations from the Scotland on Rails conference are now available online, compliments of EngineYard.
AOL Ruby Users Group
I got a last-minute request to speak at the AOL Ruby Users Group, which is held the second Thursday of each month (March 13th for this month). So they're getting a preview of my March 19th NovaRUG presentation. The topic will be "Implementing OpenID for Your Social Networking Web Site."
NovaRUG: March 19th
I will be speaking at the Northern Virginia Ruby Users Group on March 19, 2008. The topic will be "Implementing OpenID for Your Social Networking Web Site." Meetings start at 6:00 PM for networking, with presentations beginning at 7:00 PM. Meetings are held at the FGM building in Reston; see the NovaRug web site for directions.
Rails 2.0 Released
Check out the link below to find out more about this eagerly awaited release.

QuickStart Rails
I decided to create some brief "Quick Start" presentations with the expectation that there might be opportunities to present them as "fillers" at other events. No sooner did I finish the first one, "Quick Start: What Is Rails?", than I found myself presenting it internally within AOL twice in two weeks. The PDF of the presentation is now available online. Check out the Presentations web page for other available presentations.
AOL Brown Bag Presentation
I will be conducting my presentation, "Using Rails to Create an Enterprise App: A Real-Life Case Study," as a Brown Bag presentation at AOL on November 27th, 2007.
Yes, It's Confirmed
I will be be doing the December presentation for the Washington DC Ruby on Rails User Group. The meeting will be held December 13th at George Washington University, from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM.
December DCRUG Meeting
Still waiting for final confirmation, but right now it looks like I'll be presenting at the December meeting of the Washington DC Ruby on Rails Users Group. The meeting will be held at George Washington University. The topic is going to be "Leveraging OpenID in Rails."
First Internal Rails App at AOL
David Keener led the team that launched the Exception Request Tool (ERT), the first internal corporate application to be fielded (and actively used) at AOL using Ruby on Rails. This follows on the heels of Ficlets and circaVie, the first two customer-facing applications fielded with Rails.
Giving October Presentation for DCRUG
It's official. I've signed up to do the October presentation for the Washington DC Ruby Users Group. The topic of the presentation will be "Using Rails to Create an Enterprise App: A Case Study." The talk will focus on real-life issues, and solutions, associated with using Rails to create a business application for use by AOL employees. I'm currently seeking permission from AOL to release real-life screen shots and related information. It should be an eye-opening presentation.
Chad Fowler's Rails Class
Compliments to AOL, for procuring several session of Chad Fowler's Ruby on Rails class, one of which I'm enrolled in beginning Monday, March 26th. Chad Fowler is the author of the book "Rails Recipes."
Northern Virginia Ruby Users Group
Douglas Sellers gave a nice presentation on the practical uses of Selenium for testing web sites. He then demonstrated some of the advantages of using Selenium on Rails to improve the testing experience. Afterwards, Sean Mountcastle spoke on REST development in Rails.
DC Ruby on Rails User Group
Dave volunteers to design the web site, including the look-and-feel, for the newly formed Washington DC Ruby on Rails User Group. Ruby on Rails is one of the hot, new technologies for producing highly functional web sites in minimal timeframes.