Open Source
Viewing Aging Git Branches
This really simple shell script from my friend, Robb Kidd, system administrator extraordinaire, shows local git branches in order from most recently used to least. You'd be surprised how useful this script is.
New Version of Released
Just released a new version of This is a major release for this blog about motorcycle racing that I created years ago for my brother, Steve Keener. This release jettisons .NET in favor of a WordPress, i.e. - the site was created using the open source WordPress blogging software, with a custom theme. The new platform has a few other advantages — it can be hosted more cheaply on Linux rather than on a Windows server, and it also uses MySQL, an open source database server (as opposed to Microsoft SQL Server). - Motorcycle Racing ...with attitude
Web Site Survey Released as Open Source
Web Site SurveyOver the years, numerous people have approached me to do small to medium-sized web sites. I've always used a Web Site Survey to help these people refine the requirements for their web sites. Since it's been so beneficial to me, I thought I'd release the Web Site Survey via a Creative Commons license. It's available online in both PDF and Microsoft Word formats from the Downloads page.
Principles of OpenID
OpenID is an open-source digital identity technology that allows web users to use a single sign-in for all OpenID-enabled web sites. Find out about the underlying principles behind this up-and-coming technology.
Speaking On: Implementing OpenID for Your Social Networking Web Site
I will be presenting at the Washington DC Ruby on Rails User Group on December 13th, from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. The meeting will be held at George Washington University.