Career Advice
At the Crossroads
It came to me a while ago that I had come to a crossroads in my career. This isn't the first time that this has happened. Like everybody else, sometimes you reach a point in your career where you need to decide what direction you want to go next. Read further, and gain some perspectives on what you might do when you next find yourself ... at the crossroads.
Radical Career Success in a Down Economy
Authors Chad Fowler and Andy Lester just had a free webcast sponsored online by O'Reilly. The topic was "Radical Career Success in a Down Economy." It was a pretty good talk. O'Reilly says the recording of the talk will be online soon, so I'll post a link when it becomes available. In the meantime, here are some of my thoughts on the talk.
Survival Tips for Technical Job Seekers
Looking for a new job is always a lot of work. Here are some survival tips to help technical professionals find a new job in today's volatile job market.
The Most Glamorous Job in Accounting
Every year, a team of accountants is responsible for tabulating the votes for the Oscars. These accountants have the most glamorous job in the accounting field. — Originally published by
Taxonomy of Career Sites
There are literally thousands of career-related web sites. This article provides a useful guide for categorizing them, with an emphasis on then using the categories to determine which web sites might be most effective for a job search.
Privacy and the Online Job Hunt
Privacy is one of the major concerns for job seekers when it comes to using online career sites. This article discusses the various privacy features offered by the major career sites.
Competing With the Monster
This article describes how niche career sites can compete effectively with large career sites like, and others.