About Fuel

This was a long IM conversation between Don and myself regarding fuel in Belters.

Don: Hey

Don: ut?

Dave: Hi

Don: almost finished the book [Leviathan Wakes — editor]

Don: Interesting

Dave: lunch...tommorrow...Khan Kabob

Don: Yes - severe lack of ai/robots/computers

Don: Maybe

Dave: Gray will be there.

Don: ok

Don: I'm slammed with work and home issues

Dave: Didja like the book?

Don: Yes

Don: Are there any more in that universe?

Dave: There will be at least 2 more in that series, which they are calling "The Expanse."

Dave: Hey...I just found out I can't do lunch tomorrow after all...big meeting at the client site

Dave: And I can't do lunch on Friday because the team is being taken out...

Dave: ut?

Don: Yes

Dave: so...where u at in the book?

Don: they're getting the Nauvoo to bump Eros.

Dave: Ahhhh

Dave: You've got a few more twists still in front of you.

Dave: I really enjoyed the book...I thought combat was nicely scary.

Dave: The Enterprise had shields...our ships won't.

Don: No

Dave: Just...no computers and AI.

Don: Shields are only good for energy weapons.

Don: Things that can be affected by magnetic fields.

Don: Like radiation.

Don: With a fusion power source, you can do all sorts of things with magnetic fields.

Don: Earth's magnetosphere....

Don: It doesn't have to be that strong to work well, either.

Dave: BTW...you can still run out of fuel with a fusion reactor.

Don: Yes

Don: I know.

Dave: For a fusion drive, you heat something up to a plasma, then eject it at high speed to produce thrust.

Don: That's what was great about dilithium crystals.

Don: Yes

Don: Boron is good - expands well and not too heavy.

Dave: That "fuel" is probably h2 or h3, and when you run out, you no go no more...even though your fusion reactor is still working.

Don: Thrust can be augmented.

Don: h3

Dave: So my Jupiter chase still works...they have a fuel limit...


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