Votridea Contest Platform Launches

Votridea is an easy-to-use online Contest Platform that fosters innovation by building communities around ideas and challenges. Votridea is an all-in-one, customizable suite of contest and community management tools that makes the complex process of building online multimedia contests simple. It's also the project that I've been working on for many months now, so I'm very pleased that we've just launched this dynamic product.

The Votridea Online Contest Platform Launches!

Votridea is an online product created and backed by MetroStar Systems, a fast-growing consulting company located in Northern Virginia. MetroStar Systems has been rated one of the nation's fastest growing companies by Inc Magazine.

Votridea has its genesis in an earlier project. In 2008, MetroStar was approached by the Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs to implement and manage an online video contest for an international audience. The purpose of the contest was to promote the bureau's ExchangesConnect social network, an online community that promotes cross-cultural understanding around the world.

MetroStar has now run the bureau's contest for two consecutive years. During this time, we built a robust community engagement platform that successfully handled all the issues involved in running an international contest that featured users in more than 50 countries worldwide. Thanks to the contest platform, ExchangesConnect has seen unparalleled membership growth which has helped them reach an ever-wider audience with their message of understanding.

Votridea is the evolution of that robust, proven platform. It's been generalized so we can easily skin the platform for each individual contest. It's also been productized so that we can easily tailor features to meet the needs of new clients. Along the way, we've also added support for photo contests, multiple video hosting options, improved analytics for tracking contest performance, etc.

Best of all, it's a cloud-based solution, which means that we can scale to meet the demands of any online contest, no matter how big the audience. Find out more about Votridea now.


David Keener By dkeener on Saturday, July 03, 2010 at 07:32 PM EST

Yes, for you technophiles,,,the platform uses Ruby on Rails, Amazon EC2 for storage and is hosted with EngineYard (one of the top cloud-based hosting solutions).

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