Why I Launched This Web Site

I started this web site in August 2005 with the intention of using the web site to promote myself as a consultant and writer, as well as to communicate my views on various Internet-related technologies. I also figured that it would be an interesting challenge to do for myself what I had done for other successful commercial web sites ... to build an audience from scratch.

I also figured it would be both fun, and interesting, to document my efforts to build up the traffic for the web site. So, this is #1 in a series of articles about creating and promoting KeenerTech.com. Here are the other articles in this series:

Other Articles in This Series

The initial web site was pretty minimal in 2005. A few articles hard-coded in HTML, my resume, a few links and what a professional designer like myself would consider a "starter look-and-feel." Pretty much your average, abysmal personal "brochure."

I always intended it to be more than that. But it took time to develop the features that I wanted. In the fall of 2006, I was able to roll out a complete upgrade for the web site, with many more articles and a custom-built content management system. I then began to optimize the web site for search engines.

The site doesn't have a lot of traffic yet, although the page views have started to trend upward nicely. The chart below (generated via the open source JFreeChart library) shows the number of page views over time.

Equally important, the search engine placement has begun rising. If you do an "ego search" for "David Keener" on Yahoo, this site ranks first. On Google, the site ranks sixth.

I'll be providing periodic blog entries about my progress in building traffic for KeenerTech.com. I think it will be interesting to see what an Internet professional can do over time to promote a web site and increase the site's traffic. Of course, it's not just an exercise in building traffic. It's equally important to me to craft a site that has meaningful content that will be useful to other technologists who operate, like I do, within the realm of the World-Wide Web.


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